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About seven months ago my doctor put me on Lovaza to bring my triglycerides to normal level. After the tests I underwent last week it became clear that triglycerides really went down. This happened due to amazing Lovaza. I have had hypothyroidisim since my early childhood and it always worried first my parents them me myself. I am not over weight and my cholesterol level is not dramatically high. But Lovaza loweres my cholesterol to normal level together with triglycerides without any difficulties. I love the way it works.  

by Brigitte Emerson, Yellowknife

I've been on Lovaza for over, before switching to this amazing drug I have tried almost every other cholesterol medicine available in the US. I either had side effects or they just didn't work at all. Lovaza lowered my triglycerides to the low 200 without any difficulty, without causing side effects or something of the kind. I am Lovaza taking it alone without other cholesterol-lowering supplements. And I hope it continues like this.  

by Lionel Wiers, LA

I take Lovaza for my hypertriglyceridemia. I've used this medication for about seven months now and my triglycerides are now as low as 800 while I started taking the medication with 2500. Actually all my family members have very high triglycerides and they also consider switching to Lovaza as it helps me so well. This is the only drug that has worked for me. I would pray for the people who have invented this medication that helps tolerate symptoms like mine.  

by Isabelle Martinson, Knoxville

About three months ago my doctor prescribed me with Lovaza for dietary supplementation. This medication is the only one on the market that managed to produce some distinctive positive results on my condition and feelings. People like me with high triglycerides should try out Lovaza, at least for me it turned out to be the only effective medication and I am absolutely in love with it.  

by Kraig Williams, Houston

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